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Founded in 1995, Global Sourcing with more than 25 years of experience, is set up according to the modern concept of the current world economy: GLOBALIZATION.

Our mission is to help companies solve their supply problems, mainly regarding their purchases in foreign markets and in the management of their procurement of particular projects.

To better serve our clients, we have established worldwide partnerships (Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas) with buyers’ and shippers’ agents, all with an outstanding level of reliability, profound technical and commercial knowledge, and experience in doing business with Brazil. In addition to enabling a survey of suppliers and purchasing abroad, we are able to follow up on the delivery of goods, including compliance with delivery dates, inspection, contracting international freight and shipment. In other words, a complete solution for your purchases abroad! We are known for finding “the needle in the haystack”.

The aim is to serve customers who do not have internal or outsourced services for their imports. We have established agreements with specialized companies that can provide all the support for the administrative and bureaucratic flow of imports to occur efficiently, maintaining the best quality standards.

We also act as representatives for several Brazilian and international customers by getting quotes and making purchases in the domestic market, enabling them to develop specific projects.

Our consulting services include support to companies in the solution of their administrative issues in the supply area, suggestions for improvement of systems, staff head hunting and training, especially in negotiation skills.

We analyze, together with our clients, the possibilities and perspectives for the solutions of their problems constantly seeking higher competitiveness, at low prices and no major investments.

Our "total dedication to the customer" has been reciprocated with customer support, trust, and references to help us leverage our growth.